$14,000 Journey – Ecuador

It cost me a total of $14,000 to come here. To leave Ecuador, I first had to pay the coyote $ 3,000. I flew from Guayaquil to Honduras and from Honduras to Guatemala. From there, I had to walk and take a car to cross into Mexico. In Mexico, I had to pay another $ 5,000 to continue my journey. During my travels, I always had my parents and wife in mind. I called my wife and she told me she was pregnant. This gave me another goal to motivate me on the journey.

I went through Mexico in cars and on foot. I thank God I did not have to go through the wild river or through the desert to come into this country. Instead, I was hidden in a car that crossed the Texas border. When I reached the United States, I had to make the final payment of $6,000. So the journey was a total of $14,000.

When l got here, it was not  difficult to find work because my brother talked to his boss and then took me to work with him on building bathtubs. I had to work hard to send money to my parents and my wife, especially since she was pregnant.

A few weeks after arriving here, I decided to bring my wife over. I wanted to bring her right away because she was only one month pregnant and I did not want her to suffer much on  the way. Another reason to bring her was so that my son would be born here and have a better education and a better life together with his parents.  When my wife arrived, things became easier because I had her support.

I still wanted my parents to come, so I had them apply for a visa. I thought they would be given the visa since they were older. Weeks passed and finally they got the visa so they could come to visit their children here in New York every two months. Now, my son is 8 months and I am very happy. My family is the most important thing to me. They give me the strength to go on.

Interviewed by Marlon


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