Awesome Transition – Sudan

I was born in Libya and grew up there until I was seven years old.  Then we moved to my homeland which is Sudan. It was really nice. We had a big backyard and front yard. I felt my brother and I had the best childhood. We would play around, talk to a lot of people, have sleepovers, and do gardening.

My parents are very  hard working. They really value family relationships. They try to keep us as close to each other as possible. They’re very protective. Giving us a good education is really important for them.  They’re really proud of us and they want to raise us in a way that’s best for all of us.

I’m proudest of my transition to the US. When I came from Sudan, I had a closed mentality about life. My culture didn’t allow me to feel or experience things from someone else’s point of view. But now I’m really  proud of the fact that I’ve opened my mind and allowed other ideas and cultures into my head.  I’m accepting these ideas and cultures, and I think this made it a pretty awesome transition. So I feel that I’m adapting just fine and I am really proud of that.

Interviewed by Elisiddig


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