Big Miracles – Dominican Republic

I was 19 years old when I first came to this country. It was not easy coming to a new country. I came with my dad but after some time he had to go back to Dominican Republic so I had to stay with another family. I didn’t know English. I didn’t know how to cook. The lady I lived with would yell at me just because she saw hair in the bathroom. I cried a lot, and I put up with that lady for a long time.

My dad was always the most important person in my life. My parents were very strict with me. They were different from everyone else. I’m very proud of them. When I lost my parents it was very difficult for me.They taught me how to be an educated mother with 4 kids and 6 grandchildren.

I also have the best husband who I’ve been married to now for 36 years.  It was never difficult taking care of my children because my husband helped me a lot. Even though we didn’t have money we tried our best to give them what they needed.

I loved going to school.  I went to an institute in Manhattan for two years, and then I went to La Guardia Community College, and that’s when I started working with  my two daycares. I also took classes on having my daycare and with the new laws that come out every year.  I am very happy because I believe that God has helped me in a lot of things. I have received big miracles with coming to this country, and I have a happy life now.  

Interviewed by Cindy


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