Dream Come True Country – Uzbekistan

One of my happiest moments was when we were in Uzbekistan and won the green card lottery. It was a happy moment because everybody that I knew wished to come to the US and our wish had come true. It’s a “dream come true” country. When we won the green card, we were not the only people that were happy about coming to the US. All of our family was thrilled and some of them were wishing they could come with us. We thought that America was a “dream come true” country because we saw it on the television. It seemed very beautiful, like a fantasy land. That is the main reason why most people want to come. After watching the US on TV, who wouldn’t  want to spend the rest of their life here? After winning the lottery and coming to New York, we were witnesses of this beautiful place and had a chance to spend our time visiting many parts of this country.

 I want to thank my parents for raising me right, for teaching me to always be truthful and for telling me to earn money in a right and a clean way. If they did not teach me those things, I don’t know if I would be here enjoying  my future with my family.  For kids nowadays, you should think about education and focus on your school because education will lead you in the right path. Also, learn English because that’s how you will get a job in a better place. Don’t try to find work for yourself; let the work come to you. If you graduate and get good grades, the work will find you.

If I had to choose to keep one memory of happiness, it would be the one that I am making right now: being in the US, having fun and being together with my family. We have been in the US for four years and I think that’s what happiness is. I want to keep that memory because my family is with me. Before, I was in Spain and Portugal for 8 years working alone without my family. That was the one of the worst times I had. I missed my family, but I could not go back to my country because if I did, I would not be able to come to Spain or Portugal again. So I had to force myself to work there without my family. Happiness is being with your family  wherever you are.

Interviewed by Parvina


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