Green Card Christmas – China

I came to America on July 16, 2005, almost 10 years ago. At first we were living in a tiny room in a house. The house was very dirty and there were seven people living there. The first time I saw a cockroach was here. The room only had space for a double bed and some small cupboards. Life was difficult in the  beginning.

I worked very hard and did not get much pay. It was extremely tiring. I started work on July 28, 2005 in Long Island City and worked six days a week and just got $200 per week. I worked in many different nail salons because many salons had a very bad smell, and so I moved to a salon that did not have a bad smell. Also, I did not know how to do nails before coming here, so I needed to work and learn. This was  very hard for me. After a few months studying how to do nails, I went  to a better salon.

Two years later, I moved from a small room to another apartment. But that apartment was old and dirty, and the ceramic tile in the bathroom was turning yellow. A year later, I moved to another apartment. It was clean and good, but it was a little more expensive. On December, 24, 2009, the court gave my husband, who was here with me, a green card and wished us a Merry Christmas. My husband started the application process for his son to come to the United States. His son come in 2012. Then I started to apply for my son to come.  My son came here in April, 2012. He was unhappy that I sent him to school  on his second day.

In January, 2013, I got in a car accident on my way home from work. I dislocated my arm as a result. At first I could not even move my arm because it hurt so much. I rested for almost a year and did not work. Then on June 19, 2014, my husband opened our own nail salon. We work everyday except Monday. In the future, I want to  buy a house here and travel around the world. My husband just wants to buy a house with a garden and live there.

Interviewed by Junning


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