A Hard Life – Bangladesh

I am 23 years old. In Bangladesh I lived in the capital city, Dhaka. I have lived in America for two years. My relatives live in Bangladesh. I came to America with my parents. When I heard that we are going to America, I was so excited because I wanted to start my career in America. And I knew that I would live there for the rest of my life. But I didn’t know that after I came to America my life would be so hard.    

I knew that I had to work in America. But I didn’t know how difficult my work would be. After I came to America, I thought my life would be easier. When I  arrived, I knew some basic English that didn’t even work here. It was so hard to find a job because I didn’t speak English well, but I understood. After searching a lot I found my first job. During that time, my family supported me a lot. The job was at McDonalds. At first, I was so happy because I found a job. But it’s not an easy job and the salary was not enough for me. I worked there for 8 hours each day. Sometimes I had to stay longer if a worker didn’t come. They gave us 8 or 10 dollars an hour. The working conditions were so hard.

I want to keep studying. I want to make my dream true which is to be a business man. With my family supporting me now, I am studying at BMC college and also working with my uncle. Now I think that making my dream come true in America is so hard. But, I want to make my dream come true and I also want to support my family.

Interviewed by Abida


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