Making my Parents Proud -Bangladesh

I am 18 years old and I go to Flushing High school. My life in Bangladesh was really good. I had a beautiful life with beautiful people.

The most important people in my life have been my parents. They are my inspiration. They brought me to America so I can be well-educated. I really want to be successful and well-educated to make my parents proud.

I love America. Especially things like tall buildings, lights and beautiful people. I love and enjoy school too. But, it all depends on how much homework I get. I believe in Allah(God) because I am a Muslim. Also, I believe in afterlife. The things you do on the Earth will kind of  decide after your death whether you deserve heaven or hell. It is kind of like karma.

I work really hard. I have to help support my family and take care of my parents. Right now I am working at a gift shop in Manhattan, but my parents often say ”You’re old enough to understand the meaning of life. Life isn’t as simple as you think. I know you have been working hard, but you have to  keep on it. Don’t slack off.  We want you to focus on school. Become an engineer and make us feel proud. Don’t let us down”.

They are a blessing to me.

Interviewed by Emon


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