Skeletons in the desert – Mexico

I arrived in America on October 7, 2000. I came with a group of other immigrants whom I did not know. We walked through the desert to cross the border. The experience of traveling through the desert  with strangers was terrible. I saw skeletons in the desert.

My husband was already here  so I came to be with him. I was happy to join him in America, but at the same time,  I was sad because I had to leave my 3-year old son in Mexico with my family. But thankfully, now he is here with me.

I think America is a rich country with a quality of life that is much better than Mexico. That’s why I left Mexico to come to America. America is good place to live. There are a lot of amazing places we can visit and the education is better. But I hope I can go back to visit Mexico soon!

Interviewed by Jazmin


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