Tamale Vendor – Mexico

I came from Vera Cruz, Mexico to reach my goal which was to make money because in Vera Cruz there was no way I could support my family, even though I was a lawyer. I left my kids there. I’m thinking about going to get them when I have enough money to build a house there by selling these tamales. My problem is that I’m undocumented, but I’m trying to get my papers. It’s not easy to be without your children. My life has been hard but its worth it.

I’ve been arrested twice for selling tamales in the streets and also for being undocumented. When I was coming from Mexico the border patrol caught me. It hasn’t been easy in New York.

When I came to  the US, I was so sad. I cried a lot because I left my children there. I have to break my back alone selling tamales in this country. Selling tamales here is hard. You don’t get treated like other people do.

Interviewed by Noelia


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