Young and Alone – Colombia

I went to Spain to follow my dreams. I wanted to study and to have a great job, but unfortunately none of those dreams came true. Things did not go as I had imagined in Spain. I was feeling disappointed and I decided to go back to Colombia. But a few days before I traveled, I received a phone call from my uncle and he asked me if I wanted to move to America. He said he would find me a place to live and to work in order for me to start a new life. I accepted his offer without thinking twice and I traveled as soon as my visa arrived.

Whenever I though about  New York City I imagined everything was going to be like in the movies and that I  was going to be the only Latino person in town. I thought that everyone was going to be white and speaking English. But when I came here I encountered many different cultures. When I got here all I had was a room with a bed. I came with very few possessions, but my uncle bought me what he could and helped me to begin my journey in this country. I came here to work with the hope of returning to my country with money in order to start a business. But as the time passed, I decided to stay in this country.

Admittedly, being young and alone was hard. I had always been independent, but this was a significant change for my life. I had to work very hard to make enough money to survive. I would work the night shift on weekends, from 1am to 9am, and from Monday to Thursday I worked from 8am to 7pm. I was always exhausted. I was even losing weight because I preferred to sleep than to eat. At the time, I was only 18 years old. This was not the paradise I had imagined because here I had to work too hard to get what I wanted.

I was thinking of going back to Colombia, but my plans changed when I met my husband in this country. I met him and  shortly after we got married. We started working together to have a great future and form a family. My life changed a lot after arriving to this country and now I’m glad I’m here. I like living here. I had the opportunity to travel back to Colombia to visit my family with my husband. Now I’m stable here and I think I will continue to live in this country.  I feel good and have many goals that I want to accomplish.

Interviewed by Leslier


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